Carpet Washing Stages and General Processes

In this essay, the most common carpet cleaning processes and techniques in Turkey have been told.

A-)The carpets that are taken from their places are brought to the places named as carpet cleaning factory, carpet cleaning atelier or carpet cleaning places.

B-)While the carpets are dropping off , they are stocked up separately according to having traditional features like cotton or silk, being made with various fiber and dyed or need for over-lock stitch. The reason is that the way of cleaning of these kind of carpets is different from others. You can reach necessary information about these techniques in the sub-links of our website and in the page of informations.

C-)After the process of separation, the different practices of machine carpet cleaning processes are told below.

1- The process of dusting is made before carpet cleaning in two ways.

a-)The method of beating which is generally used by old carpet cleaners in the Aegean Region, the carpets are in a cage and they release from their dusts by falling down during spinning. These machine named as dusting machine has become a bit unfashionable in recent years.The reason  is that the powerful vacuum systems like blower and the fluff-taking equipments has come into use for this process.

b- The method of vacuuming  with powerful vacuum machines or fluff-taking apparatus is used in the process of dusting and it is one of the most common used method. The practical fluff-taking technique seems to supersede pre- cleaning method of dusting which has begun with recognition of blower machine.

2-) Corresponding to increased demand of carpet cleaning, many washing firm skip dusting process to decrease the cost of time and equipment with dense rake technique during carpet cleaning. This dense rake method is carried out by removing the dust, which has become mud when meet with water, from the carpet. This process is applied with an equipment in the full automatic carpet cleaning machines.Because of the difficulty of rake process in the carpet cleaning, the number of firms that skip dusting process and rake before washing to clean the carpet effectively, is very few.The technologic improvements in cleaning machines are proceeding to ease the rake method.

In conclusion, the process of dusting that we mention about in paragrapgh C in this article, is a valid and functional method. This method depends on to rake sufficiently if the cleaning company has very strong and experienced stuff. Or else, the perfect cleaning of carpet cannot be possible.

D-)The choice of the right product to clean is one of the most important process in the carpet cleaning.The essential features which have to be in a carpet shampoo to reach to supreme quality, are stressed in the other sections of the website in detail.

E-)Pool or brushing :The pooling system is left behind by many cleaners in Aegean Region but it is still in use in Marmara Region and especially in İstanbul. The biggest handicap of this method is that attributed and critisized by women who says that carpets are being cleaned over and over with carpets which are belong to different houses in a pool. Many cleaners think that dirts are softened with this method. We are going on with brushing that is very important process too.

1- Brushing with Floor Varnishing Machines
 After the process of dusting, carpets are laid to the cleaning floor, soaked and applied Era 111 carpet shampoo on them.(Floor varnishing machine is named as manual brush machine or brush machine.) The brushing as a process of cleaning, has begun with the rotary scrubing of the machine's stiff brushes on the carpet. It provides successful brushing by circulating this machine on the carpet in optimum rates. In the process of manual brushing, the chance of intervention locally to the dirt on the carpet is relatively high. This function has not been improved in some of the automatic machines. This process with manual brushing machine is a method which is still highly common and prefered in our country. It is an effective cleaning method especially in struggling with dirt. It has the chance of interfering to dirt locally.

2- Brushing with Automatic Cleaning Machines
 The process of brushing with industrial carpet cleaning machines that we need to mention as an important or in fact is an alternative method. It is applied with the automatic machines that are designed by the producers who think circulating the brushing manually with stiff brushes provides much labor.  The rake process, which is very hard for cleaners, newly begins to integrated to machines. One of the good effects of mechanization in this sector is to clean carpets one by one. The true comments about mechanization of carpet cleaning will be possible in following years. The studies about it has been improving day by day. But we take this subject as a subtitle of brushing process.

F-) Rake-Rinsing 
Rake is the process that the stain and dirt are constantly swiped forwardly from the fully brushed carpets. The rake equipment in automatic machines is used for this process. The machine producers should make this apparatus more effective. This process is one of the most important practices among the carpet cleaning process. It needs both a well-structured machine system and physically strong people if the process being done by man- labour. The process of rinsing is done by raking with clean water or making with the machine so this important process is done in this manner.

G-) Wringing
Carpet cleaning needs wringing. The process is again a really important process which is practiced by carpet cleaning machines. After passing through above mentioned carpet cleaning processes ,the carpet is placed in the drum made by stainless chrome of wringing machine. This drum has 1500-2000 turnover rate.Then,the machine starts and the process of wringing has begun.  There are two type of machines in market for one of the last process in the carpet cleaning.

 Pipe Type Carpet Wringing Machine.

 Boiler Type Centrifuges. The cleaned carpets places as folded to the boiler type. The cleaned carpet places as rolled to the pipe type. In recent years, the pipe machine machines have been more preferred.

H-) Hanging
After carpets squeeze out, they are placed on the iron hangers with 22-25 cm gaps. The hangers should to be placed in air –circulated area. Carpets are placed in hangers as face to face because of saving the carpets from the dust around. Also , if these hangers are made from galvanize, the carpets can be avoid from rust ….. etc. 

1-) Gathering-quality control-fluff taking –parfuming-packaging
Dried carpets are gathered from hangers and opened on the quality control tables. They are checked whether they have strand hair or fluff…. etc. If they are well-raked, the fluff will be minimum. In recent years, the alternative products have been produced for fluff-taking by the machine companies. The carpets that are cleaned  with the help of machines or hand brushing are perfumed with a fresh scent and they are rolled up. By finishing the process of packaging the carpets, the process of carpet cleaning ends and they are handed in brightly. These are the basic carpet cleaning processes but it is possible to see some differences among companies.

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