Carpet Washing Products

ERA 111 Carpet washing products are unique, because;
Sabuncuoğlu Kimya is the inventor of the real carpet shampoo.  Concetrated Era 111 carpet washing shampoo is herbal cleaning and heavy duty product.  Era 111 products are eco-friendly so they do not contain hazardous substances on human health. Era 111 products are reinforced with new generation of raw materials so it has maximum effect on stubborn dirts and stains.It is a techical product for professional carpet washing firms.
ERA 111 carpet washing products have easy rinse speciality in spite of effective copious foam. They provide vivid colors, ultra hygiene and brightness.
 More than 70 percent of carpet washing firms in carpet washing sector  use  Era 111. It is the most substantial indicator of our success in the formulasation of carpet shampoo.
Sabuncuoğlu Kimya A.Ş.

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