Carpet Perfume (Odor Neutralizer)

Carpet Perfume
Carpet Perfume is a kind of fragrance which is sprayed on the carpet with the aim of delighting customer after the practices of the industrial carpet washing .
How to Produce Carpet Perfume?
Appealing scents to customer perception can be extracted from roots, flowers, stems and leaves of different plants. It can also be produced as chemical because some scents are not available in nature. Perfumes firstly are produced as extracts or essences, then they are added to some emulsifying agent and alcohol.This can be explained as an example: Our Era 111 My Todays carpet perfume creates deep effect with top notes of a beautiful combination of  ginger, rose, cardamom and tarhun and the heart and the base reveals pineapple, cinnamon, vetiver, cedar tree, sandalwood, oak moss, musk and tonka Bean. 
Carpet Perfume Preference
What kinds of scents should be preferred, how to use them and what should be considered while choosing carpet perfume?  In the sector of carpet washing, the service that customer purchased is cleaning of carpet. Naturally, the customer is buying the washing and the cleaning service so the customer has expectation about hygiene. For this reason, carpet perfume should revives hygiene. As a result, it is necessary to use the scents that create a sense of cleanliness.  ERA 111 Carpet Perfumes are produced with this conception.  In Turkey,  Europe and Central Asia, they have become the most preferred products of the sector. 
Are there  other points to be noted in the selection of  carpet perfumes?  How to make permanent carpet perfume?
 Essences are directly imported from abroad by companies which have serious purchasing potential such as Sabuncuoğlu Kimya and these companies can supply essence at affordable prices with bargaining power. The second and most important raw material of carpet perfume production is Ethanol as known Ethyl Alcohol. In order to get this product at   affordable price, it is necessary to operate in organized industrial zone, to have appropriate capacity report, and to be a TAPDK ( Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority) controlled firm. 
 True Carpet perfume contains true raw materials for that experts do extensive testing and mixing. Hence, carpet perfume is not bought from everywhere. Carpet perfume should be supplied from companies which can provide appropriate conditions and reliablity.
Persistence of Carpet Perfume
We mentioned the most important conditions that affect the quality of carpet perfume production the above text. The most important issue in terms of permanence is that  companies can provide the forementioned conditions in the text. The second important issue is that the washed carpets should be completely dried. Moisture in the not well-dried carpet absorbs the perfume scent and causes unpleasant smell. No matter how much carpet perfume you spray, it is not possible to obtain an effective odor from a damp carpet.
The third important issue is that nose-blindness and buying perfume from unsufficient companies to produce perfume.
Let us explain the nose- blindness: In short, When you use the perfume continuously, the receptors in your nose switch off and the intensity of odor goes down because your brain which comments the scent not threatening, pay little attention to odor.Hence you think as if the perfume does not smell. Because of your noses get used to perfume, you can not smell the perfume even if you do not finish the same jerry can. The result of this scientific and medical fact, you should not smell the same perfume at least two months in the same environment, so the perfume can hit your odor receptors and you can smell it like first time. At this point, the importance of working with Sabuncuoğlu Kimya A.Ş and Era 111 which meet the criteria described above, is approved.
 The last important issue is to use the carpet perfume after settling it for a month if possible. When the carpet perfume, which we have to send you as soon as we produce, is settled, the fragrance and the notes of perfume will identify with each other.
By giving a little secret, put an end to this article: If you make settling process of  the perfumce in glass or aluminium packages, the odor will be more excellent.
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