The Most Preferred Product In The World In Carpet Washing With Water ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo

The most successful method in the world in carpet cleaning is  to wash carpets with water. Other methods can not adequately clean the carpets, but they can also hazard human health. birthplace of carpet washing with water is the Middle East  the geographical, and Turkey is the leading of this application. Sabuncuoğlu Chemical, who has carry on  scientific studies for washing carpets with water for years, is also the leader in the production of carpet shampoo used in this work. The carpet shampoos produced with the Era 111 brand make the carpet hygienic and brilliant, offering a unique performance. Be where you are in the world, if you carry out carpet washing with water, absolutely experince ERA 111 carpet shampoo. Thus you will surely see that your customer potential has increased day by day and your happy customer number has increased rapidly.
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